Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Google Products + Improve Rankings

Things to remember for Ranking in Google products -

Title - Having your keyphrases placed strategically in your title tag can help you rank, just like with regular SEO.
Price - To rank better prices should be competitive as Product search allows lots of option to compare prices.
Description - Well written, keyword rich description is important. It is suggested that Google doesn't crawl the URLs you submit to them for any ranking factors - they take all the information from your data submission, so a description can help you to rank for your target keyword.
Data-Stuffing - In Google Base you have the options to upload data for all kinds of fields. Only the bare minimum are essential, and most are optional. Again it is suggested to adding more data-fields helps you rank higher and for more varied queries.
Fresh Data - Updating your feed as often as possible or setting the scheduler to crawl your feed frequently, helps both your rankings and the accuracy of your data. Since Google doesn't crawl the links and your pages so it's important to ensure your feed is up to date with the latest title,descriptions and prices.
Positive Reviews - With the current updates in Google algos and with the Launch of Google Caffeine reviews, recommendation, reputation and authority are the new important factors in ranking that Google have started considering.
Getting positive reviews for your site helps a lot with Google Local, and it's the same principle for Google Base. So, to help you out with your Google Base rankings, I've listed below all of the sites which Google permits as review sites for use in Google Base.
Other than simple website and product review Google gives great consideration to Google Checkout. It can add to your ranking if you have this 3rd party payment option.