Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Can No-follow Links be Beneficial To A Website?

No-Follow links - There is very negative feeling among SEO's regarding no-follow links. If you ask a guy from SEO field about no-follow link, most will suggest that these are worthless, as they do not pass any page rank and keyword ranking benefits to your website.

But inbound links are still inbound links regardless of the nofollow attribute, they will somehow contribute in one or the other way, in directing a visitor to your website. Hence they are still valuable from business perspective.

"Nofollow links can block the Google juice to your website but not the Money juice."

But again this does not mean that no-follow links in all shape, size and colour will be helpful to your business. Let us categorize here the different types of nofollow links and the other side of them -

  • NoFollow Directory links - These links will be of no benefits at all. Because they will neither pass on the Google Juice,  nor be able to divert visitors as will never be able to made up to in rankings and are dumped deep inside a website.
  • NoFollow Social Bookmarking Links - Nofollow SBM links are able to divert good visitors but only if supports are good. Here supports refer to good network, your profile maintenance, your participation with our members and link updation in attractive and informative way.
  • No Follow Social Network Links - Again a strong social network build can definately provide you good customers irrespective of whether the links from these SN sites are nofollow.
  • No Follow Forum links - If your link is dropped in an active forum and having some conection with the discussion it will surely drive good traffic on the website. And once hits started coming from a single discussion keep coming for quite a long period in most of the cases.

Last but not the Least.

  • Nofollow Blog Comments - Maximum blogs comments provides nofollow links but the traffic meter is comparatively high for a blog than a website. Also a huge part of blog traffic consist of visitors which pays daily or very regular visits to their subscribed blogs. So if we are using good words, appreciating a blog post, giving out genuine opinion and dropping our link (keep variation) at possible places, we can become popular commenter and hence can help fetching good hits to our website.