Monday, May 11, 2009

Promoting Competitive Keywords

How to promote extremly popular business having competitive keywords?

It is very tedious task to optimize a very popular businees. Because for a popular business there is always tremendous amount of competition for your targeting keywords. Then how one can promote a popular business with highly competitive keywords and get good traffic and good rankings.

The answers is you should optimize your website based on your USP(Unique Selling Proposition). USP indicates the one different characterstic in your services, the one offer that is different from your major competitors.

Like you have a jewelry site and every one knows that jewelry is a very popular business and the related keywords are highly competitive. Then how will you stand among others? You should compare your business from your competitors and isolate the one factor(USP) that makes you different from other business.

Lets say your USP is your "customized" section. You offer the facility of customizing a jewelry by choosing the favourite stone with the favourite setting. Now you should work on promoting the USP i.e target your keyword phrases for the customized section of your website. Since customizing a jewelry piece is popular among visitors. This will work for your site.

You can also work towards developing fresh content optimized for popular keywords that are less competitive.


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