Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some Interesting Things That Google Knows About You

Everybody knows Google very well, but do you know as well that Google also knows all about you. Even how your voice sounds and how you look. Here i have gathered some interesting things that google knows about.
  • What you’re searching for.
  • The web pages you visit.
  • The blogs you read.
  • Your financial information: Users of AdSense and/or Google Checkout share financial information, addresses, and other personal information with Google.
  • The strength and popularity of your website or blog.
  • Who and what you’re emailing.
  • What’s on your PC: If you’re using Google Desktop.
  • Your research paper, bills, upcoming blog post, etc.: Using Docs and Spreadsheets means exposing the information in your documents to Google.
  • Your schedule: If you are using Google Calendar.
  • Your social network and interests: Google indexes sites like Orkut, Facebook, and Digg, hence it knows what you are interested in.
  • When you’re going to get the flu: Google can track flu related searches to find out where and when the flu happens.
  • Where you and your friends are: Using Google Latitude and Google maps reveal the info about your location.
  • What you’re watching on YouTube.
  • What and where you study: If you choose to use Google Books,scholar and University Search, then you are giving good info to Google about your academic life.
  • Everything you’re looking at online.
  • Your problems: Personal as well as professional.
  • Your medical issues: If you choose to use Google Health.
  • Your home address: Use Google Maps, AdSense, or Checkout, and there’s a good chance Google has your home address.
  • Your Mobile Number.
  • How Your Voice Sounds: Interesting. Using Google Talk will share the sound of your voice with Google.
  • What you, your friends and family look like and do: You are sharing your photo albums on PICASA.
  • Everything you do online.
  • Your Shopping List.
  • What your business is about: Keywords and purchasing patterns on Adwords share information about your business with Google.
  • What’s important to you: If you’ve set up Google Alerts.

Courtesy: e-justice blog

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